Q: Are linens included? Runners? Chair sashes? 

A: No. Those items must be rented from our exclusive provider Specialty Linens & Chair Covers. They will deliver your linen package to Bravo Event Center and pick up the dirty linens when your event is over. We do not allow renters to bring in their own table coverings.


Q: Do you have restrictions on vendors/caterers?

A: We do not have restrictions if you want to self-serve or find your own catering. Our preferred vendors are:


Marvellous Catering 801-374-0879

Copper Grill Catering 801-375-1115


Q: Is there a kitchen we can use?

A: Yes. There is a large prep kitchen, which includes a fridge, large ice maker, and three microwaves. Note: There is NO OVEN. Caterers/renters need to have their food prepared before they arrive; the kitchen is not for preparing a meal.  Caterers/renters are required to leave the kitchen fairly clean and take care of their trash, but they do not have to mop floors or anything like that, just general clean up. Caterers/renters need to bus tables and pick up trash and leftover items at the end of the night.


Q: What is required to reserve a date?

A: A contract must be signed and a deposit received.


Q: When is the final payment due?

Two weeks before your event we will meet with you to discuss your plans for your event, at this time your final payment is due.


Q: Can I start setting up early? I am worried about having enough time.

A: You can add hours if you would like, please see Pricing. If you are doing your own setup, or have others helping, you can start coming in at your rental start time, not before. We are strict about the time policy, so even if your ballroom is set up before your scheduled time we still expect you to keep to the agreed upon rental time unless you add additional hours. If you have vendors/family that want to come earlier than your scheduled time to unload/set-up, then you will need to pay for extra time.


Q: How many people can Bravo Event Center accommodate?

Inside the Ballroom we can accommodate up to 150 guests for a sit down dinner and up to 400 guests for an open house reception. 


Q: How much parking do you have?

A: We have 100 parking spaces. Parking is NOT ALLOWED in the mortuary parking lot to the east of Bravo Event Center.


Q: Do you allow alcohol?

A: No.


Q: Is it necessary to schedule a private tour or can we come in anytime to view your facility?

Bravo Event Center is available for tours by appointment only.


Q: Is Bravo Event Center open on Sunday?

A: No


Q: What does the event hostess/host do?

The hostess is on site during your event to make sure Bravo Event Center is running smoothly. She/he does not coordinate or manage your event. She/he does not help set up your personal decorations or clear tables.


Q: At the end of our event what are we responsible to do?

You are responsible to clean up anything you have brought onto Bravo Event Center property (flowers, cake, decorations, etc.). 


Q: Do you have a sound system I can use?  Microphones?

We have a sound system you can use to play music from a phone or laptop. We also have a wireless microphone available for use.


Q: Do you have an outdoor space I can use?

We have a lovely patio on the east side of the building.